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Cameron Lake, Waterton National Park

Clements Mt, Waterfall

Fish Creek, Lake McDonald

Fish Creek, Lake McDonald, Mts 1

Fish Creek, Lake McDonald, Mts 3

Garden Wall, Road to the Sun

Logans Pass

Logans Pass, Looking West

Logans Pass, Mt. Gannon (East)

Logans Pass, Reynolds Mt

Moose Closeup

Moose Looking Back

Moose Profile

Red Rock Falls & Lake

Red Rock Falls, Above

Red Rock Falls, Bottom 15 sec

Red Rock Falls, Bottom, Closeup

Red Rock Falls, Upper

Red Rock Falls, Upper Vertical

Red Rock Falls, Upper Wide Angle, 125th sec

Red Rock Lake, Fishing

Red Rock Lake, Mt. Wilbur

Road to the Sun, Clements Mtn

Road to the Sun, Garden Wall

Red Rock Falls, Flowers

Red Rock, Mt Wilbur Falls

St Mary Lake, Road to the Sun (west)

Swift Current Trails, Wynn Mt

Two Medicine, Canoeing

Two Medicine Lake, Sinopah Mt

US end of Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake from Goad Haunt

Waterton Lake from Goat Haunt 2

Waterton Lake, Mt Campbell

Waterton Lake, Mt Olsen

Waterton Lake, Sunset