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Keith Sutton is a native of The Dalles, Oregon, graduated from Oregon State University with a BS Degree in "Technical Journalism" in 1977, and has lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1991 where he is employed by the East Bay Economic Development Alliance as its Business Development Director.

I have been using Minolta camera equipment for over 30 years.  My favorite film camera is the new Maxxum 7 camera body and I have recently acquired the new Maxxum 7D digital camera body.  It was used to take the Yosemite photos with the year 2005 in their name (on the website), as well as the Pennsylvania photos. 

Favorite lens are the Minolta 17-35 F3.5 G, an older 70-210 F2.8 G, a new 70-200 F2.8 G (D) SSM and a 85mm F1.4  I printing the 13"x19" 300 dpi resolution digital images to an Epson 2200 printer, beginning with high-quality lens, results in super sharp 13"x19" prints.

I purchased a  light cruiser (Kawasaki Vulcan 750) motorcycle about 2 years ago, and used it to get around Yosemite during the high-water flows in 2005 (when cars were just crawling) and it enabled me to get to 10 waterfalls in one afternoon and the next morning. It provides a very convenient and inexpensive way to explore.  I replaced the 750 with a new Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom in January 2007, and it has become my primary mode of transportation as well as exploration.  Its so easy to handle, (much easier than the 750) and carry a passenger and/or camera gear, and it even gets better mileage - up to 50 mpg commuting to work.


The greater San Francisco Bay Area has an amazing variety of climates, vegetation, and life styles.  I'm seeing country that ranges from rain forests to cacti - sometimes just over the hill  (10 - 15 degree temperature changes are not uncommon.  And there are a lot of single lane roads with nobody around.  Most people would not believe it, but one of the reason's housing is so expensive in the Bay Area is because they have preserved  thousands of miles of park lands (only 35% of the land is urbanized).





Another other great way to see this country is in our Miata.  With the top down, its possible to get the camera into action very quickly -  that is when my wife Diane, lets me drive it.  (Guess you can see why my motorcycle has become my primary means of transportation).





Of course there is always walking.  When I visited my youngest son in Italy, he about walked my legs off, whether it was Venice or the Dolomites.  He's started walking all over Australia right out of high school, then headed east to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal and finally to India.  He returned home to earn some more traveling dough, and it 9 months headed to Europe, where he's pretty much lived since 1998. He obtained a 4 year degree at the University of Madrid in Humanities and obtained a Masters Degree on Cultural Preservation/Museum , and that has slowed his traveling - accept for summers.  One summer he worked on an island near Naples and then headed to northern Italy for a few more weeks of "work" before heading back to school.


Keith and Son Stephen in the

Dolomite Mountains, Italy, 2001


My other big passion is singing with the Covenant Four Quartet  that tours the West Coast, from Palm Springs to Seattle - usually not more than two concerts a month, as most of the members are far from retired.  We however sang on an 18 day cruise from Miami thru the Panama Canal, to San Francisco.  The best of the pictures I took of Miami, of Aruba, Curacaos, Costa Rica, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and the culminating sunrise as we entered the San Francisco Bay, are in the Panama section, but there are a lot more that can be seen in the Panama Canal Cruise photo album at the bottom of the home page.

Its certainly not all play - I have economic development responsibilities for the San Francisco, East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. 20 cities and over 2.5 million people) which includes the East Bay portal website and a new website that is being done to accommodate a name change as well as a new navigation system, at

I think you can understand why I head for the hills or the coast.

My two other (twin) sons ended up with some creative urges as well - Nathan is New York City where his favorite camera is the size of Ansel Adam's.  Scott is in Oregon, though he did try out New Mexico for awhile, and his passion is painting modern art using oils paints that he has learned to make from the soil, rocks and plants in Oregon and Washington, the old fashioned way.  Here are links to his website and projects:   

Thanks for visiting my website - let me know if there is a photograph you are interested in, or one that needs taking.

Keith Sutton

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